Want To Improve Mobile Phone Reception In Poor
Signal Areas? The Solution Is Simple... But Expensive!

Here's the legal way to boost your mobile signal while travelling.

To some, this is a touchy area to discuss. Touchy because, even though there are many inexpensive Boosters and Repeaters available, the Australian Government have made it illegal to operate any of them. Instead, to operate legally, you must purchase their "Approved" Cel-Fi Repeater, which can set you back over $1000. The penalty for using an un-approved device, is up to $255,000 fine or 2 years jail.

A Cel-Fi Repeater is the legal solution - all other Mobile Repeaters are illegal.

Australian Guide to Mobile Phone Boosters & Repeaters

The Legal Way To Boost Your Mobile Signal When Travelling

Cel-Fi Go Repeater For Telstra - Mobile Pack







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